Southeast Ohio Surgical Suites is home to the world’s most prestigious orthopedic surgeons.  Whether you are suffering from arthritis in your knee or a torn rotator cuff, SEOSS is here to get you back on your feet.

Sports Medicine

Are you suffering from a sports related injury that has the fate of your favorite sport in jeopardy?  SEOSS has employed several incredible sports medicine doctors.  Call us today and let us schedule a time for you to see one of our specialists.

Advanced Outpatient Techniques

At SEOSS we have several overnight rooms but we believe that patients heal faster in the comfort of their own home.  This is why we utilize proprietary outpatient techniques that get you from the operating room to your living room in a matter of hours.


Here is a list of the areas that our surgeons specialize in.


Hip Replacement (Total Hip, Hip Resurfacing)
Hip Arthroscopy
Knee Replacement (Total Knee, Partial Knee)
Knee Arthroscopy
Ligament Reconstruction
Cartilage Restoration
Shoulder Replacement
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Rotator Cuff Repair
Labral Tears
Joint Preservation
Foot & Ankle Care

Sports Medicine

ACL Tears
Meniscus Tears
Muscle/Tendon Strains
and more

General Orthopedics

Fracture Care
Pediatric Care