Why Choose Us?

Southeast Ohio Surgical Suites is known as the gold standard for outpatient surgery centers and this reputation does not come without the facts to back it up.  We utilize state of the art surgical equipment as well as proprietary outpatient techniques that put our facility a notch above the rest.   Additionally, we employ the world’s greatest orthopedic surgeons to make sure our results and your health are in incredible hands.

benefits of outpatient care

Convenience Factor

The convenience of recovering in your own home generally makes recovery time easier than an inpatient stay.

Quicker Recovery

Using advanced physical therapy techniques and ambulation directly post procedure Southeast Ohio Surgical Suites has perfected the recovery process getting you home the same day and on your feet quicker then ever.

Reduced Stress

In the majority of cases, outpatient surgery is less stressful than inpatient surgery. At SEOSS you will receive one on one care with excellent nurses that have only the patient’s needs in mind. Increased instruction and education from knowledgeable staff throughout the entire surgical process. Family members are included in all teaching.

Patient Satisfaction

Southeast Ohio Surgical Suites strive to meet all the needs of the patient and family throughout the entire surgical process. Our patient satisfaction rate continue to be in the 93rd percentile.